● Sarkan Salman Abubaker is an Assistant Lecturer in the College of Political Science at Erbil Salahaddin University. He received his BA from Salahaddin University in Political Science and his MS degree from Cukurova University, Department of International Relations.

● 2018-2019: (M.A). Department of International Relations, University of Çukurova, Turkey. The title of the thesis is  “THE REASONS BEHIND THE RISE AND EXPANSION OF THE ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) IN IRAQ (2003-2017)” .

● 2013: (B.A.). Department of Political Science- College of Law and Politics-University of Salahaddin, kurdistan regional-Iraq. 

● He has published a BOOK and Five academic researches.

  • Book: Din Adına Savaş, İkinci Adam Yayınları:




  • 1. Research Article: The Reasons Behind the Rise and Expansion of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq (2003-2018), Alternatif Politika, 2019, 11 (3): 527-555.




  • 2. Research Article: The Return of ISIS from Caliphate to a Terrorist Organization, Lectio Socialis, July 2019, Volume 3, Issue 2, 139-158.


  • 3. Research Article: Ideology of ISIS: Salafi-jihadism, Lectio Socialis, July 2020, Volume 4, Issue 2, 97-112.

  • 4. Research Article: TERRORİSM: A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK, International Humanities and Social Science Review (IHSSR), Volume: 5 Issue: 1 Year: 2021.


  • 5. Research Article: The legal Confrontation of Domestic Violence:  A Comparative Study Between Iraq and Italy , Lectio Socialis,     January 2023, Volume 7, Issue 1, 21-30.