My vision as a university professor revolves around two main axes:

First Axis: The primary goal of every educator should be to deliver the academic content of the courses they teach to students. This should be prepared using the best sources, aiming to elevate students' academic levels to their utmost potential and enhance their familiarity with the best and most current information. This equips them to benefit from it in their future professional lives.

Second Axis: It involves setting an example for students that reflects the personal qualities that a university professor should embody as an educator. These include ideal behavior, ethics, impartiality in treating students, and viewing them with respect and appreciation.

In my view, achieving the aforementioned vision through these axes represents the true mission of a university professor. This is what they should strive diligently to accomplish, in addition to their important role in assisting society and contributing to raising the scientific, cultural, and economic standards of the country. This is achieved through conducting research relevant to their field of expertise, aiming to propose appropriate solutions to scientific and practical problems related to their specialized areas.