* I graduate from Salahaddin University in (2005) (ranked 9nd  in college) working as assistant biology for three years in various  Ecology,  botany and mycology lab.

  • …… In 2008 started in MSc till 2011 finished my MSc degree in medical microbiology (Participate in teaching method training) then working as an assistant lecturer in 2012 …. I teaching practical general botany in year 1 for one course after that I started teaching practical immunology in year 2 then I teaches sewage and soil microbiology finally I start  teaching medical bacteriology now. 
  • I participated in the IBRO course for Neuroscience in 2014 in the College of Science/ University of Salahaddin.

* During these five year I supervising 12 students in the research project.

*Now I am planning to conduct scientific researches for bacterial identification, isolation and antibiotic sensitivity patterns for better scientific performance in my field.