I graduated from Salahaddin University in 2005 (ranked 9th in college) and worked as an assistant biologist for three years in various labs such as Ecology, Botany, and Mycology. From 2008 to 2011, I pursued an MSc in medical microbiology then (participating in teaching methods training) and subsequently worked as an assistant lecturer... I taught practical general botany for one semester, then practical immunology in year 2, then sewage and soil microbiology, and lastly medical bacteriology from 2017 until the present time.  In 2014, I attended the IBRO Neuroscience course at the College of Science/University of Salahaddin. 

Until now, I've been supervising 23 students in a research project to obtain Bachelor's degree in Biology.

*To improve my scientific performance, I intend to do scientific studies on bacterial identification, isolation, and antibiotic sensitivity patterns.