I'm Miss.Shatha H. Ahmed a Lecturer at College Agriculture Engineering Science /SalahaddinUnv. from 1983-up to date, Graduted Bcs .Unv. of Baghdad 1980- 1981,Msc.Unv. of Mosul 2007, PhD.Unv. of Mosul 2018, i worked as ademonstrator atCollege of Education / Dept.of biology 1983- 1989 & taught many subjects such as Principles of  general insects,General plant, Plant Anatomy,Plant Taxonomy,Plant Groups, Plant Cenetics, Zoology & Principles of invertbrates after that i've got Agriculture project and left the college 6 years 1989- 1995 , then again returned to Education college 1995- 2000.

I worked at College Agriculture Engineering Science2000- nowaday ,i taught the below subjects.

Insect morphology , Principles of insect biological control1st stage , Insetct Structures 2nd stage, insect physiology 3rd stage, Insect biology & Insects Horticulture, Insect crop 4th stage.Insect, Ecology 3rd stage more than student Seminars 3rd stage & student Projects4th stage and personal seminars.