Name\ Shayma Gazi Asaad

Academic title / lecturer

 Position \ Teaching Staff of Salahadeen University\ Coolledge of Arts\ Philosophy Department 

Major/Master of Philosophy

Specialization\ Islamic Philosophy 

Work location \ Salahadeen University \ College of Arts \ Department of Philosophy

Number of years of service / 13 ten years

  Five researches published in international and local journals

Member of the Cultural Organizing Committee for Courses and Conferences at Salah El-Din University for more than 4 years

Member of the Scientific Council of the Department of Philosophy \ Salahadeen University \ College of Arts  

Member of the teachers union

Member of the Committee of the Arab International Conference Network and its conferences held in Turkey for one year.

Activities \ Conducting workshops and lectures on the rights of women and children, and also an advocate for peace against violence, the history of philosophy and philosophers, writing scientific research and publishing it in scientific journals.

Languages ​​\ Kurdish \ Arabic \ English

Residence / Erbil


Phone number/07507096695

I am a lecturer of philosophy in  Salah al-Din University, Erbil, college of Arts, Department of Philosophy, holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy, and I have many research published in local and international scientific journals, as well as I am an activist in women’s and children’s rights and an advocate for peace against violence .