Shereen Ameen AbdAl Rahman is a lecturer at University of Salahaddin - Erbil-Iraq, Engineering College, Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering Department. She was born in Sinjar - Iraq. She has BSc from the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Dept., University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq in 1982. She got MSc in metallurgy engineering - University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq in 1988. The title of MSc project is "Electroless Ni-P plating". She worked as academic and researcher at the University of Technology in Baghdad - Iraq in the Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy and the Department of Materials Engineering , In 2006 she moved to Engineering collage - Salahuddin University, Department of Mechanical Engineering. She worked in the research & practical field in many areas , including (Metallurgy), Strength of materials, non-destructive tests, metal corrosion -erosion and surface protection, she is a Consultant degree member In the Engineers Syndicate of Kurdistan Region, Member of the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate.She has worked in the curriculum development committee for several years.