Personal Details:


-             Full Name: Sherwan Saber Khalid.

-             Date and Place of Birth: 23-11-987, Erbil, Iraq.


-             Nationality: Iraqi.

-             Driving License: Yes.

-             Passport: Yes.

-             Permanent Address: 92 district, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

-             Tel: (Mob) 00964 750 456 66 08.


-             E-mail:






-          B.Sc. of Physical Education at Salahaddin University, Erbil, 2009.

-          Master Degree in Sport and Exercise Science – Sport and Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Knowledge - Sheffield Hallam University - UK, 2013.




Training & Certification:


-          Certification in teaching methods course - Salahaddin University - 2014.

-          Certification in English language course at Calderdale College - UK - 2011.

-          Certification in English language course at English Language Centre - Salahaddin University 2010.

-          International English language testing system certificate (ILETS), 6.0.

-          Pearson Academic certificate, 60.

-          Certification in basketball coaching - 2014.






-          Kurdish (mother tongue).

-          English (very good in Speaking, reading and writing).

-          Arabic (very good in speaking, reading and writing).





Current Job:


Physical Education Instructor:



Location        : Erbil- Iraq.


University      : Salahaddin.

College          : Physical Education.

From            : October 2009 up to PRESENT.




Physical Education Instructor experience, duties and responsibilities:


1.      Physical Education Instructor organizes games and challenges that promote physical activity among students and young adults from kindergarten to university or institutions.


2.      Physical Education Instructor goal is to develop motor skills and physical development among younger children and proper exercise and eating habits among older children.


3.      Instructor of Physical Education programs culminate in student-teaching internships.


4.      To observe all their students and maintain discipline within the class. In addition to students, they interact with parents, other teachers and school administrators.


5.      To gain experience interacting with children and running classes under the supervision of licensed instructors.





Life Skills & Knowledge:

-          Supervised several cases of weight gain & loss in the UK for athletes and normal people.

-          Working as a trainer in the gym for two years in the UK.

-          Enormous knowledge about nutrition and healthy diet in addition to leading individuals to have a healthier life style.

-          Passed (training and performance, nutrition, scientific support, physiology, strength and conditioning) module.

-          Football (played for many year in local team, best player in Huddersfield 5-side football competition, 2011), Championship of Nottingham futsal tournament 2012.

-          Basketball (Played for Ararat basketball club 2005-2006 - Jihan club 2006-2010, coach of Jihan youth basketball team 2010, Assistant coach at Jihan basketball club 2010-2011).

-          Training - Fitness - Volleyball - Handball - Track and Field -Fencing and Table Tennis.

-          Network with Community Resources to provide a guest lecture series supplementary

-          Assists in the research and development of materials necessary to supplement the curriculum.

-          Communicate with staff regarding client progress, problem solving and monitoring.

-          Community involvement activities.

-          Tutor and mentor clients when necessary.

Computer Skills:

-          Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7.

-          Microsoft Office: Very good in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access and Microsoft PowerPoint.

-          Internet: Very good in using Internet such as Searching, Downloading and Uploading files and applications.

-          Computer Applications: Very Good in Installing and using all kinds of computer applications.