I am (Sherwan Hadi Mohammed). I was born in Erbil. I am lecturer at Philosophy Department at College of Arts-Salahaddin University. I have taught at different places for (22) years. I have gained Diploma in Hawler Central Institute for Teachers in (1999-2000). First, I was employed and taught lessons as a teacher at two different schools for more than 3 years. Next, I have achieved Bachelor Degree in Sociology Department in (2005-2006) at Salahaddin University. Afterward, I have taught lessons in the (Institute of Physical Education-Erbil). At the same time, I have worked as the head of (Cultural and Social Center of Gara), which many courses and seminars have been carried out in the center. After that, I have got Master’s Degree in Sociology Department in (2017) at Salahaddin University. Now, I am PhD Candidate for (2020) in Sociology Department. Finally, I have participated in many Courses and got many certificates in different places as follow:

·  I have got English Certificate at Language Center-Salahaddin University-Erbil.

·  I have got Computer Certificate at Computer Center- Salahaddin    University.

·  I have got English Language Certificate at Tan International Center for learning languages.

·  I have got (PTE) Certificate at Kurdistan University-Hawler.

·  I have got Arabic Language Certificate at Dilman Center.

·  I have taken part in a course at (OSA) Center for learning language and computer.