Personal information :The first time I entered the University as an academic staff in the law department in the  Salahaddin University - Erbil, was in 2001, after the fulfillment of my master dissertation about the: "advertising contracts" ,for the first time entered the fourth grade students class to teach them real estate as a Teacher Assistant, after that, three years later, I was candidate to prepare my Ph. D. in the law department college of Law and political science, Salahaddin University- Erbil, After three years of study I submitted my thesis concerning to " Good Faith In The Contract Formation a study In The Light Of The National Laws And International Conventions" I acquired Ph. D. in this field And promoted to a lecturer, in law department, after four years of serving as a teacher and fulfillment of other requirements promoted to Asst. Prof. My experiences:During my Serving in the law schools in Kurdistan Region, I had chance to teach many topics, in undergraduate and postgraduate level, Such as: business Law, Commercial Law, introduction to the law, history of law, civil Law, civil contracts and etc. I was Asst. Lecturer and lecturer from 2001-and later Asst. Prof. till know in college of law and political science, college of Administration and economic, and college of Islamic sciences, Salahaddin University, department of Law Soran University. I participated in many Permanent committees as a head or a member: such as scientific Committee, Head of promotion committee In Islamic Science Department, and examination Committee for a long period of time. And Quality Assurance Committee from 2010-2012. From December 2012 -27/2/2017 dean of the college of law and political sciences- salahaddin university- Erbil. I am now assistant prof in Sharia Department, Islamic Sciences College, Slahaddin University- Erbil.