Personal Information Name: Prof. Dr. Sherzad Azeez Sulaiman, Ph.D. in Private Law Specificaly Civil Law.

I was born in 1972 and graduated from Erbil. In 1994-1995, I was in the  third Place between my colleagues in the law department in  College of Law and Political Sciences, Salahaddin University- Erbil.

 I started working as an assistant teacher at the Evening Law College, Salahaddin University-Erbil. After obtaining a master's degree with honors in 2001 for my thesis: " Advertising Contract in Iraqi Law, a Comparative Study". Since my appointment, I have held administrative positions. I worked as a rapporteur for the Law Department at the Faculty of Law for two years and then became  assistant of  the Dean, which also took two years and then The Faculty of Law and the evening study was canceled while I was preparing to study for a doctorate in law, as I was accepted as a Ph.D. candidate in 2003 and discussed my doctoral in 2006, About my thesis: “Good faith in concluding contracts is a study in the light of internal laws and international agreements” in the Department of Law, College of Law and Political Science, Salah al-Din University - Erbil, and then I got a scientific promotion to the rank of teacher because of my doctorate in law.

According my request, I  transferred  my services to the College of Islamic Sciences in 2007, and I worked in the Sharia Department as a teacher of law subjects that were within the prescribed curriculum and are the Introduction  to studying law, the general theory of obligations, and the law of civil pleadings. After years of teaching, I was promoted in 2011 to assistant professor In 2012, I was appointed Dean of the College of Law and Politics at Salah al-Din University - Erbil until 2017, and by virtue of my new job as a Dean, I became a member of the Council of Salah al-Din University - Erbil, and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Law and Politics issued by the College of Law, Salah al-Din University - Erbil. It is a semi-annual academic refereed journal, and a member of the Judicial Institute Council in the Kurdistan Region. For me, the deanship period was full of administrative and scientific activities.

After completing my work as Dean, I was given thanks and appreciation with the Medal of Honor by the President of the University, and after that I continued to work as a faculty member in the College of Islamic Sciences, and I recently  since  22   of November  2021 according to the university order issued on 7/6/2022. got a professorship in private law,  specifically in civil law  ,

In my years of service as a teacher, I taught many subjects in Kurdish, Arabic and English in several colleges, such as the College of Law and Political Science, the Department of Law and Political Science, the Administration and Accounting Department at the College of Business and Economics, the Administration Department at the Evening College, and the Sharia Department at the College of Islamic Sciences, Salah University Al-Din - Erbil, Department of Law, Soran University, and the Judicial Institute in the Kurdistan Region.

I supervised a high diploma thesis at the Judicial Institute of the Kurdistan Region and a number of master's theses and doctoral theses, at Salah al-Din University - Erbil, and discussed a number of others in and outside the universities of the Kurdistan Region.

I also participated as a chairperson or member of many permanent committees: such as the Scientific Committee, the Promotions Committee in the Islamic Sciences Department, the Examinations Committee for several years, and the Quality Assurance Committee in different years and times.

So far, 16 joint, accepted and individual papers have been published in accredited scientific journals inside and outside Kurdistan Region, some of which have participated in local and international conferences, and 4 other papers have been approved for publication.

I am just now a member of the academic staff in the College of Islamic Sciences, Salahaddin University- Erbil.