1-Personal Information



Full Name:                    Shireen Sadallah Rashidشيرين  سعداللة رشيد

Date of Birth:               24 -6-1975 Erbil, Iraq

Nationality:                            Kurd

Current Address:                   Zanko ,Erbil ,Iraq




-University:                             Salahaddin

-College:                        Education

-Department:                English

-Academic Qualifications:

{B.A. English, Baghdad UN.,Iraq,2000}

{M.A.Victorian Novel, Baghdad UN.,Iraq,2005}

{Ph.D.Modern Novel,Koya UN.,Iraq,2009}


3-Academic Rank:


{Assistant Lecturer, 2005}

{Lecturer, 2009}

{Assistant Professor, 2013}

-General Major:           English Literature

-Specific major:            Modern English Novel

-No. of Years served at University: 12 year

4-Course taught:


1-    Writing Research Paper (3rd stage) College of Languages  Koya University.


2-    Modern Novel (4th stage) College of Languages –Koya University.


3-    Novel of 18th Century (3rd stage) College of Languages –Koya University.


4-    Novel of 19th Century (3rd stage) College of Languages- Koya University.


5-    Modern Drama(4th stage) College of Education- Salahaddin University.


6-    Literary Criticism (4th stage) College of Education-Salahaddin University.


7-    Modern Novel (4th stage) College of Education- Salahaddin University.


8-    Novels  of 18th and 19th Century (3rd stage)- College of Education –Salahaddin University.


9-    General English (1st stage) Mathematic Department-College of Education-Salahaddin University.


5-Published Researches


1-    Jonathan Swift :Style and Significance of his Gulliver's Travels

2-    The Double in Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

3-    Voyage Fiction: A Thematic Study of Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe

4-    The Dehumanizing Effects of Slavery on the African-American Slave in Beloved

5-    The Significance of John Singer as a grotesque  character in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


Parody’ and ‘Play within a play’ in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night-6

7-Investigation of Kurdish Students’ Perceptions of Using Literature as Main Material in the EFL Speaking Course


The Symbolic Significance of the ‘Ring- Pot in Merchant of venice-8