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Academic Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

Full Name:sozan talib mohammed

Academic Title: Lecturer





-       BA in Arabic Language, Sulaymaniyah University,2009.

-       MA in Arabic Language,College of Education, ibnRush,2012.

-       PhD in Arabic language at the facuity of Languages, Salahaddin University 2023.



-       Start date / 10/23/2009

-       At Garmian University - Faculty of Arts Khanaqin - Department of Arabic Language

-       Currently a teacher at Salahaddin University / College of Education, Shaqlawa, with the title of Lecturer


-       completed a teaching methods course in 2013

-       English Language Course / Language Center / Salahaddin University (2022).




Teaching experience:

-       have been teaching in the Department of Arabic Language / College of Education - Shaqlawa since 2014 and until now I have studied many subjects with the supervision of many undergraduate students

-       I was teaching at Garmian University for one year

-       I was a lecturer at Knowledge University 2015/2016


Research and publications

-       Published research / master's thesis entitled (Semantic research in Baghdad University Letters and Dissertations)-       A published research titled Semantic Relationships, College of Arts, University of Baghdad, 2012-       A research published in Al-Rafidain Journal of Etiquette, University of Mosul, titled The Strategy of Non-Compulsory Guidance in the Poetry of Salih bin Abdul Quddus, Command and Prohibition as a Model 2023-       A research published in the Journal of Tikrit University for Human Sciences, titled The Strategy of Non-Compulsory Guidance in the Poetry of Salih bin Abdul Quddus, Wishing and Calling as a Model 2023


Conferences and courses attended

I participated in a wide range of local and international scientific conferences as well as scientific workshops

Funding and academic awards

-       List any bursaries, scholarships, travel grants or other sources of funding that you were awarded for research projects or to attend meetings or conferences.


Professional memberships

Obtained a number of certificates of appreciation

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