Lecturer name : Srwa Masud Khali , born 1986 , i have got  BSc. In plant protection 2004-2008. 1st of the 10th BSc degree  , started working as an academic staff (teaching assistant) in 18-3-2009 in the college of Agriculture / plant protection department Salahaddin university , taking post graduate courses for 8 month in college of agriculture plant protection department in Duhok university getting  MSc. Degree In economic entomology working as an assistant lecture in also member in agriculture engineering syndicate in Hawler , taking a course on teaching method in 2014 , The same University ( Salahaddin)

Web site  : srwa masud , member in quality assurance commission and social commission in plant protection department 

Giving under graduating course of Acarology to students  in 4th class also biological control and pesticide , noninsect animal pest course to 3rd class

I have one published research :

The effect of field application through compost and uncompost fertilizers on major chickpea insect pests and natural enemies 

Working in 4 researches

:1- comparison between manual and molecular counting of cotton aphid on okra in Erbil governorate

2-bio-morphological study of Calliphora visina in Erbil governorate

3- the efficiency of colored pan trap on nursry insects in two directions in erbil province 

4- the effect of different gibberilin hormone dillutions  on  broad bean insects