Suhaira waleed Abdullah, born 1972.

 BSc. In Biology 1993-1994.3rd of the 10th BSc degree, started working as an academic staff in 1998 in the college of Education .Department of Biology .Mosul University. Taking post graduate courses for 8 month in college of Education in Department of Biology .Mosul University, getting MSc. Degree in  Entomology working  as assistant lecture in Dohuk University in the college of  Medicine of Veterinary taking a course on teaching method in 2001 ,also member in Biology syndicate in Hawler, getting , the Ph.D. Degree in Stored Product Pests in 2012.

Giving 4th class Stored Product Pests  in Crops Field Department and Zoology in 1st stage in Department of Plant Protection ,Horticulture Insect in Department of Horticulture and Plant Protection. From 2019-2021 I was worked as lecturer in Physiotherapy Department/Hawler Technical Heath college at EPU.

  I am a lecturer in Basic Education /General Sciences Dept.