I graduate from Salahaddin University in 1991(Ranked 5th in college) worked as assistant biology for three years. In 1997 I finished my MSc degree in Immunology of HBV and start as Assistant Lecturer Teaching Practical Immunology, Practical Virology, Practical Mycology, Practical Medical Microbiology, and Practical Invertebrate Biology. In 2008 I get my Ph.D. degree in Micro-immunology and from that time, I am in charge in teaching Immunology theory for 4th class students, teaching Virology theory for 3rd class students, Supervising Immunology and Virology Practical Laboratory, Teaching Advanced Immunology for Graduate student.

In 2010 I was honored to be among the 25 Iraqi university staff that have been selected to visit the USA through Fulbright Visiting Program for faculty development and capacity building. In 2011, I was accepted as a research fellow at George Mason University-Prince William Campus in Molecular and Microbiology Laboratory in the USA to study HIV virus.