- Graduated from Education College for science / Salahadeen University Erbil – Iraq. 1993 – 1994.

- MSc (High Education) _ in Education College for science / Salahadeen University Erbil - Iraq. 2003. Specialized in biology / histology.

The main subjects in the master degree: -

  1. In the first semester: advance ecology, advance biochemistry, biostatics and computer skills.
  2. In the second semester: biotechnical, molecular biology, advance genetic, advance histology and advance embryology.

-PhD in cell biology 2013 (Education College for science / Salahadeen University Erbil – Iraq).

The main subjects the PhD courses were: -

  1. In the first semester: Molecular Genetics, Advance Immunology, Advance Biochemistry, Advance Biotechnology and Cell Physiology.
  2. In the second Semester: Advance Cell Biology, Cell Physiology, Environment Toxicology, Histopathology and Seminar.


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