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Ameliorative potential of querciten against benzene inhalation induced histo-physiological and biochemical alterations in albino rats
The Nephroprotective role of L-cysteine, Ursodeoxycholic acid and Silymarin on intoxicated wister albino rats trated with carbon tetraoxide
Metabolic and Histological alterations of Liver Fibrosis rat model, role of Mentha, Elettaria Cardamomum, their combined, Experimental model and role of Ursodeoxycholic acid
Study the Histopathological change in rat liver and kidney induced by some pathogenic bacteria, Amelioration by zinc compound
the hepatodefective effect of cysteine, ursodeoxycholic acid and silymarin on histopathological and some biochemical parameters of wister albino rats induced by carbon tetrachloride