Born in 1974 in Erbil, completed Primary and preparatory Schools in Erbil and was accepted at the college of Physical Education - Salahaddin University-Erbil in 1994. Gained B A degree in 1998-1999, and appointed as sports trainer in 2000 at the college of Agriculture-Salahddin University-Erbil. Then was accepted as M A Student in Mansoura University-Egypt in 2012, in the field of Sports Management, and the study was completed successfully in 2014. Gained the scientific title (Assistant Lecturer) In 2015, and continued serving as University teacher. This is followed by a promotion In 2018, and the scientific title changed to (Lecturer), and in the same year the service was transferred to the college of Physical Education and Sports Sciences.

Then he obtained his doctorate in 2022, specializing in sports management at Salahuddin University - Erbil