WARAN N.ABDULLAH AGHA, i have got  BSc. In-plant protection 2010-2011 College of Agriculture Engineering Sciences. 1st of the 10th BSc degree in my department started working as an academic staff (teaching assistant) in 24-11- 2011 in the college of Agriculture Engineering Sciences./plant protection department Salahaddin University, MSc. Degree In storage entomology- control working as an assistant lecturer is also a member in agriculture engineering syndicate in Hawler

I have two published research in my master in 2017 :

Molecular Identification of Three Stored Product Insect Species on Dried Fruits and Their Control with the Use of Some Aqueous Plant Extracts

Entomocidal activity of microwave energy & some aqueous plant extracts against Tribolium castaneum Herbst & Trogoderma granarium Everts