Assistant Professor Zaito Awla Abubakr Bachelor Degree in Accounting at the College of Administration and Economics at Salahuddin University in 2002. He obtained a master degree in Financial Accounting at the same university in 2006, and completed his PhD in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Al-Zaeem Al-Azhari University from 2015 to 2018 with a degree of excellence in Financial Accounting.

He has been working as a full time faculty member in the Accounting Department at the College of Administration and Economics - Salahuddin University since 2006. , he joined University of Knowledge in Accounting Department. In August, 2019, he has been promoted to the dean of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences.

During his teaching career as university lecturer, he has published 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals in the areas of financial accounting, cost accounting, tax accounting, and oil accounting. A part from academic experience, he also have professional and practical experiences in the field of accounting as a financial manager and director of financial control in private sector companies.