B. Sc. In Science college (Biology), Sulaimani University. Sulaimany. 1981. MSc. in Entomology, Honey bee classification-Science College- Salahaddin University. Erbil. Ph.D. in Insect Biology –Ebin-Alhaethem College –University of Baghdad 2000.Title of M.Sc. Thesis: Morphometric Studies on the Honey bees Apis mellifera of the Northern Iraq area. 1991 .Title of Ph.D. Thesis: Seasonal Occurrence of the Sunn Pest Eurygaster integriceps Puton with Remarks On its Natural Enemies in Erbil- Iraq .2000. Lecturing different subjects in Biology, Plant Protection, and Agroforestry and Horticulture departments for under students, Salahaddin University-Hawler.  In 2015 - till now