is a professor in the Department of Archeology, College of Arts – Salahalddin University. He received his Ph.D  in Salahalddin University–Erbil. he has been the  Director of the Iraqi institute for Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage–Erbil (IICAH) since 2011  and member of the high board for the Conservation of the Erbil citadel since 2007.

Dr. Qader is head of the excavation expedition in the Erbil citadel 2013. He has also been the Director of the Kurdistan archaeologists syndicate since 2006.

I have two printed books (in the field of archeology) and 26 reports (different specialists)

Supervision of two master thesis, and member of discussion board of 6 master

Participated in various courses:

-          A training course about excavation and conservation that took place in West Bohimia University.  Check republic 2006.

-          A training course about Leading international Museums , took place in Gorge Washington \  Washington 2012.

-          Participating in the Visitors International Program ( VILP) USA 2017.

-          Attending various international Archeological conferences.