Prof. Dr. Abdullah Khursheed Qadir

Academic degrees:

1- Ph.D. in Islamic Archeology - College of Arts - Salahuddin University, with a grade of very good, on the topic “Islamic buildings in Amadiyah and its environs until the end of the twelfth century AH / eighteenth century AD”, September 2009.

2- Master of Islamic Archeology - College of Arts - University of Salahuddin, with a good grade, on the topic "The Artistic Origins of Islamic Coins Depictions Until the Fall of Baghdad 656 AH / 1258 AD", March 2003

3- Bachelor of History / College of Education / University of Mosul 1992 with a grade of good

Practical experiences:

Director of the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage / Erbil, since 2011 until now

2012 Member of the Masterplan Committee for the buffer zone around the Citadel of Erbil

2007 until now a member of the Supreme Committee for the maintenance of the ancient castle of Erbil

2007 - Until now, the owner of the privilege of the archaeological magazine Subarto, issued by the Archaeologists Syndicate in Kurdistan

2006 until now, President of the Archaeologists Syndicate in Kurdistan

2003-2023 Lecturer in the Department of Archeology / Salahaddin University, where he held several positions in its corridors.

1993-2003 Director of a secondary school in Education, Erbil Governorate

Archaeological excavation projects:

1- Erbil Citadel Excavation Project / The Four Seasons 2013-2015. Head of mission

2- Kalak Mishk excavation project, first and second season / Erbil 2007-2008. Vice-Chairman of the Committee

3- Participation in excavations with the University of West Bohemia, in the Citadel of Erbil and the state of Jake 2006.

4- Tell Qasra Excavation Project / Ainkawa / Erbil 2004. Member of the Exploration Committee

Membership of international institutions:

1- Head of the Archaeologists Syndicate in Iraqi Kurdistan.

2- Member of the graduates of American universities

3- Friendship membership with the World Monuments Fund

4- Member of the Supreme Committee for the Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Erbil Citadel

5- A member of the International Federation of Democracy

6- Member of the Advisory Committee for the maintenance of the site of the tomb of the Prophet Nahum in the city of Alqosh and Bab al-Mosul in Amadiyah Castle

Leadership skills: 

Experience in managing labor-intensive restoration projects, preparing the budget, final reports, and contracts for local and international agreements.

Experience in managing education and training programs in the field of antiquities.

- Experience in fundraising and financing major projects through cooperation with research centers         

Public work: 

The researcher has five printed books in the field of antiquities and heritage with dozens of published scientific research, participation in many conferences, workshops and special courses in the field of antiquities, heritage and museums inside and outside Iraq and participation in many activities related to public work through the International Foundation for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage and the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage Erbil and some other civil society organizations such as the Kurdistan Archaeologists Union and implementing several programs to develop archaeological awareness among slum dwellers and school and university students. Holding many cultural and other courses and seminars.

Participated in:

  International Visitors Program (VILP) USA 2017.

A training course on international museum leadership in George Washington City / Washington 2012

- A training course on excavation and preservation held at the University of West Bohemia. Czech Republic 2006.

  Participation in many international archaeological conferences