I am Abdulqader Musheer Younis I have got MSc. in Biology/Water Pollution in 2011 at Bilogy Department in College of Education-Salahaddin University. In addition, I got Bachelor degree in 2004 at the biology department at Salahaddin university. I participated in different training courses such as, English course and Teaching method courses, I got Lecturer degree in 2016, now Iam Ph.D studient in biology department in college of education also, I Published five papers:

1- Impact of sewage water on growth of Eucalyptus camadulensis Dhen. and Melia azedarach L. Seedlings

2- Quality Assessment of Various Bottled-Water and tap Water in Erbil City–Kurdistan Region of Iraq

3- Quality evaluation of some bottled water that available in Hawler city, Iraq

4-Effectof Sewage Water Irrigationon Growth Performance and Biomass inPinusbrutia under Nursery Condition

5-Study of some Chemical properties of Gali Ali Bag Water Resource which Polluted By Khalifan and Other Villages Sewages.

6- Growth performance of black poplar(populous nigra L.) under drought condition and sewage water irrigation