I am Falah Mohammad Aziz, a professor of cell Biology in the Department of Biology, College of Science, Salahaddin University-Erbil, Iraq. I am an academic staff in Salahaddin University-Erbil since 1983 when I got my MSc degree, then promoted to Assistant professor in 2001. I got my PhD in 2007 in cell biology. I Promoted to the title of professor in 2012. I have good experience in slide preparation in light and electron microscopy and analyzing electron microscope images. I published one scientific book on microtechniques and approximately 50 scientific articles in different journals inside and outside of some of which with impact factors. I attended 9 local and international conferences. I supervised 7 MSc students and one PhD student and one currently preparing the thesis. My researches interest is about the effect of environmental pollutants on animal organs. The most interesting scientific topic that I deal with is the cell death, that's why I also  published about 7 non-academic books in philosophy of life and death in Kurdish and Arabic languages. I believe in team work. I think that this quality assurance strongly helped academic staff to improve their teaching and researching skills. I have a strong relationship with my students and believe that the healthy relationship and trust beside a strong scientific background and teaching skills can create a successful teacher. I have friends from all parts of Iraq and most countries outside of Iraq, most of them were my students and become academic staff. I am active in social media, Facebook and Twitter. I also have an interest in football watching and support Barcelona club. I like conversation and dialogue and try to treat each person according to his or her level of age and mentality. I like forgiveness and apology. I love my country and wish to see her within the best countries in the world. I am 62 years now and will enjoy my life even if have only one day to live. Life in brief as I believe is to make yourself and others happy, and death is the station to get the paradise which is the top of happiness.