I am an Iraqi Artist, with wide experience in many techniques, materials and  deep understanding of all traditional, modern and contemporary art Styles,  based on analyzing ability to discover style secrets and reconstruct art works in  different shapes.

I also well qualified in theoretical lessons especially at art history, criticism, culture  science, anatomy, composition, supervising projects, environment art, and  management, organizing and developing creative imagination.

Since 2007, I published many articles, studies and researches in different  languages such as (reading the hidden culture of Omet Inatci art works)  published in Art & design magazine in English. Also many articles in Kurdish  language in addition to Arabic studies were published in (Another Voice)  magazine in different topics, for example;

1. Concept of image / styles and functions.

2. Concept of Wall between memory and Museum. 

3. The age of image.

4. The destruction of impressionism.

5. The art corresponding in architecture.

6. The Art path of civilization.

7. The wonderful world of American artist Morgan price.

I also have experience in directing facilities, creating solutions, solving  problems, leading groups, supervising and all necessary demands for  administrative duties.  Positive in group work, Strong analytical skills, demonstrated leadership and  managerial skills and ability to take initiatives, including managing and  motivating other staff to achieve objectives; ability to work under pressure and  meet tight deadlines; ability to work with those who have different nationalities,  backgrounds and with different education levels; excellent interpersonal,  communication & evaluation skills and ability to work as a part of a team;  ability to write daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, very good  command of written, spoken, and reading English.