I am graduated in Biology Department-Microbiology (Ranked 7rd in the department and 8th in the collage) in Salahaddin University/ College of Science (1999-2000). I have worked as assistant biology for 2 years at different subjects including: food microbiology and Eco-physiology.

* M.Sc. in Biology at Salahaddin University, (2006). Thesis title “Some biological and histological studies of Limax species in Erbil City”. After getting Assistant Lecturer title, I have taken the subjects: Patasite, Invertebrate, Eco-physiology and Medical entomology. Before two years I got Lecturer title , so  I have taken the subjects :parasite and invertebrate.

I have a PhD in the Biology department in Salahaddin university. my Specific Specialization in Invertebrate zoology.

I have got PhD  and academic staff in Biological Sciences Department in the College of Science and teaching courses for Bachelor .