I am Instructor (Heyder Sabir Hasan) PhD.  I finished high school literary branch, I have got low Diploma in English Language Teaching (ELT)  gained it at the  Teachers Central Institute in 1997. 

I have got Bachelor Degree in ELT and Education (BED) (Salutatorian) gained it at the College of Basic Education at Salahaddin University- Erbil  (SU-E) in 2009. I have  also got Master Degree in Applied Linguistics and ELT  in 2014 at SU-E. More over, I have got PhD in English Language/ Applied Linguistics and ELT in 2021. 

I am interested in Languages i.e. Philology and Philosophy. Languages are crucial norms of human being; they are a part of our human nature and nurture. Languages are powerful gifts given by our oneness Creator ALLAH. We are humans because we have Languages, we have languages because we are humans. I love life, the people/s and all the species.