Ibrahim Othman Hamad


Salahaddin University-Erbil

College of Science

Mathematics Department


I was born on a warm, sunny day in 02, August, 1970 in Shaqlawa, Hawler. I’m completed primary and secondary school in Harir town in 1988. I started school when I was six-years-old.


1)     2009 – Present : Assistant (Associate) Professor.

2)     2004 – 2007:       PhD student.

3)     2005 – 2009:       Lecturer.

4)     2000 – 2005:      Assistant Lecturer.

5)     1998 – 2000:      M.Sc Student.

6)     1993 – 1998:    Assistant Researcher in Mathematics Department.

7)     1988 – 1992:      B.Sc Student.

8)     Supervising 4 M.Sc. students and 1 PhD students.

9)     Publishing 26 papers in local and international journals.


I consider mathematics as a very important tool in life. Our teachers during the time when I wanted to mathematics department at the college of science, presented examples in class and gave the homework without further explanation. I knew I had to work hard and concentrate in order to get decent grades. The problems involved a lot of time and analyzing equations. It was both difficult but fun, at that duration, teaching style was handwriting on the board and we handwriting the lectures to our notebook. There was no internet, no data shows, no mobiles, …etc. there was no much technological way to improve our knowledge or to reduce task investigation time, the only modern (at that time) electronical device which we were familiar with was a simple primary computers named AL- Warka, which was national production, with Basic language programming build in. In fact, at that time this was regards as a pattern of progress and prosperity in the universities around the neighbor countries.

Students were needs to spend a lot of times for solving problem tasks and homework and to write a hug programming steps for running a simple program. Unlike this time, you can find a different types of solution for your homework and any math problems with one search click on your laptop, iPad, notepad and mobile phone in a few minutes and to solve a complicated problems with a few programming steps by running ready-made softwares and program packages. Life was beautiful and have brightness, and now life is more beautiful but without brightness. Life to me means friends and family who you can trust and who trusts you. More than this I believe that the consistency and logical structure of math make it to be the base of foundation of building social moral and all the other morals    

For me, studying math give me a different compatible perceptions and feelings. Though Nonstandard analysis and Geometry seemed to be the most difficult and involved a lot of considerations but they gave me the ability to travel from infinitesimals quantities to unlimited quantities with speeds much greater than the speed of light and to enjoy the beauty of artistic paintings of Geometry with quiet musical melodies inspired by the axioms of Euclid’s and Hilbert.    

These experiences made me more adept and a lover of mathematics in theory and practical aspect. The importance of mathematics can never be undermined. I believe that mathematics is the language of the whole universe. Actually, it is a language of its own. The world will not be complete without mathematics because we would have no buildings, no roads, no electricity, no science, and no sports. A German mathematician by the name of Carl Friedrich Gauss referred to mathematics as “the Queen of the Sciences.” All other sciences without mathematics would not be able to function. As such, if one does not have a clear understanding of mathematics, then the other sciences to comprehend and appreciate.