Ideees Omar Mustafa

( Idreesshekhsharafi)


- I was born in Kurdistan-Iran in 1978.

- I finished elementary and middle study in the Kurdish movement – which is called Revisionary school - within Iraqi borders.

- I completed my highjunior in Iraq.

- I graduated in the Department of Political Science at the Faculty of Law and Political Science in Salahaddin University -Erbil 2002-203.

 - In 2011 I got an MA degree in thought (Jüren Habermas political thought) and my Master Thesis under the title: Jüren Habermas's deliberative democracy.

- Now I’mworking as a lecturer in the Department of Political Science and the study of modern political thought.

- I wrote some modest contributions to the media and translation. I have translated some books from Persian into Kurdish:

1- Spirit of the Laws, Charles baron de Montesquieu.

2-the Open Society and Its Enemies , Karl R. Popper.

3- The Power and the Truth, articles about the thought of Michel Foucault.

4-The Reason and the Freedom, articles about the thought of Jürgen Habermas.

5-Epic of Gilgamesh.

6- TheReading of the Hegel's philosophy.


I worked in the intellectual journals as a member of the editorial board and editor in chief.

Now I have two researches for publication in Arabic and Kurdish language:

1-    Freedom and the will: Philosophical approach between Islamic Mu'tazila's rational thought  and Emmanuel Kant

2-    Social Justice and Globalization:Universal rule and the distribution of values