I am an independent professional and self-motivated with good research and writing ability also I intend to grow up a positive relationship with peoples who works in high level research Centre gathered with special programming languages for solving more complicated problems in Nanotechnology and organic/inorganic device under operation.


I was appointed as an assistant lecturer at department of Physics/Salahaddin University in 1992 (after master degree). From then, I am Demonstrated ability to develop my goals, objectives and implement strategies through lesson planning and teaching experience I enjoy keeping myself busy and put extra effort in my tasks. . Most recently, I was awarded a PhD from Cardiff University – UK in 2016 for work in Molecular Nano-Physics including Organic/inorganic materials gathered with exploring a new and attractive technique for Scanning Electrostatic Microscopy (EFM).


I enjoy working with other and I have good communication skills with other researchers and academic staff. I speak more than 5 languages: English, Arabic, Kurdish, Turkey, Turkman, and a little of Persian. I regularly update myself with the latest information of my profession, I have many years of experience in teaching and researching so i can lead a team and manage problems that arise.