I have finished High school in 2008 and attended to College of Education, Biology Department/Salahaddin University /Erbil during 2008-2009 and I was the top 1 student in my department and my entire college with grade 83.834.

I got my job at the biology in 2012 as an assistant biologist and served for one year, then I started my master study in histology and embryology in 2013 and finished the master study in January 2016 with grade 


. The title of my thesis was “Histopathological and Histochemical study of Aluminum Chloride Induced Oxidative stress in Albino rat brain: The Protective Role of Omega-3 and Melatonin”

My academic title changed from biologist to assistant lecturer after finishing a three-month teaching course on methods of teaching and assessment and getting IELTS certification for English language.

Science is the secret of happiness   in my life, we have to love our job as an academic lecturer because teaching is a part of our life.  Students are like small tress, when we take care of them they will grow well, the same status for our student , i we learn them well, they will be good teachers in the future. I love my students, my job, my county and love my life