Based on my long experience  around 25 years in teaching and around 5 years working as site engineer. I BELIEVE  that Teaching, research, and public service are the main missions of university faculty. Successful teaching cannot be reduced to a set of general rules, or a prescribed pattern of behavior. Some students can and will learn in spite of bad teaching some students will not learn even with the best teaching


·        The instructor ability to teach should be judged on the basis of student learning.

  • Creating or selecting teaching methods & evaluation strategies
  • Strategies to encourage desirable & discourage undesirable student behavior
  • Making learning goals clear to students
  • Encouraging students to extend their thinking, and think about their own values and future plans.”
  • Good learning, like good work, is collaborative and social, not competitive and isolated.
  • Using instructional time wisely
  • Creating classroom environments that promote fairness
  • A healthy relationship between the teacher and students is essential to successful teaching.”
  • Remember that students can teach you