Based on my long experience  around 30 years in teaching and around 5 years working as a site engineer. I BELIEVE  that Teaching, research, and public service are the primary missions of university faculty. A teacher requires not only knowledge of the subject matter, but knowledge of how students learn and how to transform them into active learners.Some students can and will learn in spite of lousy teaching some students will not learn even with the best teaching


  The instructor's ability to teach should be judged on the basis of student learning.

  • To improve students’ academic performance
  • To enhance students’ academic performance
  • To assist the school, i.e., administrators, teachers, students, and support staff, to reach their academic and behavioral benchmarks and goals
  • To teach the intuitive philosophy that you feel good about yourself when you do positive actions
  • Creating classroom environments that promote fairness
  • A healthy relationship between the teacher and students is essential to successful teaching.”
  • Remember that students can teach you