Due to the absence of geology classes in our Iraqi Kurdistan Region high school system, I had little familiarity with geology before college. From this little knowledge, I had an impression of exploring more in this field. I decided to study geology. I found it a very interesting field since it goes along with my interests. I always thought that geology would be life-changing experience, particularly with understanding natural landscape. Since I became a geologist, instead of looking at the beauty of mountains, I became more interested in understanding its structures, deformation history,  geological formations and studding what is going on earth (especially natural disaster) and managing natural resources by using up-to-date techniques (GIS AND RS based on Satellite imageries).  

I got a B. Sc. Degree in 2011 in Geology at Salahaddin University-Erbil, Kurdistan of Iraq and ranked first over fifty students and my research project was about ( Petrography (meta-igneous) of Walash volcanic and sub-volcanic rocks in Bardabas Mountain and Rubarook in Iraqi Kurdistan Region). Since that time I am working for Geology Department/ Salahaddin University as teaching assistant. During that time I got number of responsibilities such as teaching practical classes (labs) to undergraduate students and doing some geological field work. 

Now, I am holding a master degree in the field of Applied Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing from the University of Southampton, the UK (2015). My master work was about Investigation of the changes in Lake Dokan (Iraqi Kurdistan Region) and its catchment area in relation to climate change using Remote Sensing Data.

 I got  a Diploma in Teaching in 2016.

Now, I am an Assistant lecturer in Geology (Earth Sciences and Petroleum) Department and PhD candidate.