I am a Professor in animal physiology in the Department of Biology College of Education – Salahaddin University-Erbil.. I complete my PhD. in university of Baghdad in 2005-2006, while the MSc degree in Salahaddin university-Erbil in 1995-1996, and the BSc. In Salahaddin university-Erbil in 1988-1989. Been assigned as lab demonstrator in the same department between 1989-1992 in Education College /Biology Dept. This included practical Biology (such as Zoology, Genetic, animal physiology, comparative anatomy, and histology) in the laboratories. From 1996 until now, I'm teaching a number of theoretical subjects like animal physiology, comparative anatomy, endocrinology, histology, embryology, general biology, and hematology. I teach masters and Ph.D. students.