I’m an academic and researcher at Salahaddin University-Erbil. Currently, working as a lecturer at College of physical Education and Sport Science, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and ranked 1st in the faculty. In 2008 I got my M.Sc. degree in sport exercise Physiology. Following this achievement, I obtained a scholarship from Kurdistan Government to study PhD. In February 2018 graduated from Essex University-UK with a PhD in Sport and Exercise Medicine.

I have published several research papers in sport science journals and participated in academic conferences both locally and internationally. I have also participated in different training courses and academic workshops.

My research activities and associated publications are broadly concerned with the limits of human endurance performance, with a specific focus on the Physiological and Psychophysiological mechanisms of fatigue among athletes Pacing, and Performance, particularly in sports involving direct competition. I’m interested in explaining how athletes experience and interpret their internal physiological state in the context of their external environment, and how perceptual integration influences the regulation of physical exertion to avoid premature fatigue during endurance exercise.