Dr. Mohammed Hussein Shwany, is  Professor , currently working as a Lecturer at Department of sociology at the Salahadin University / Erbil, Kurdistan of Iraq ..He received his master's degree in Social Anthropology from Mosul University and obtained  his PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Baghdad University, Iraq .He Published a number of books in Arabic and Kurdish language .. Like (ethnic and religious diversity in Kirkuk), (population Anthropology, Kurdish society as a sample), (Introduction to design Scientific Research), (Principles of General Anthropology), (class sociology .. An introduction to the analysis of Kurdish society) , his interests and teaching include the Population, cultural diversity , peaceful coexistence , Social classification and The Kurdish national issue, He has published a series of social research and participated in scientific conferences in Erbil, Baghdad, Cairo , Doha and London Uk.

I have 8 books were published in Arabic and Kurdish language  1- Ethnic and religious diversity in Iraq.  2- Population Anthropology 3- Introduction to Sociology 4- Social Class 5- Introduction to Writing Scientific Research in Sociology 6- Principles of General Anthropology, Volume One 7- Principles of General Anthropology, Volume Two 8-dubiz an anthropological study,   I have six  books were translated from Arabic and Persian into Kurdish ...  I have about twenty three published papers ..