I am (Mohammed Hussein). I was born in Erbil. I have a Master's degree in English language and Applied Linguistics. Currently, I have delivered lectures of English Language at the departments of Philosophy & Geography & Psychology & Social work & Sociology (College of Arts- Salahaddin University-Erbil). Additionally, I have professional experience in teaching English for over (14) years in various places. I have been teaching English to adults for more than 8 years and have taught more than (500) hundred online English lessons. In my lessons, students would expand their vocabulary, and grammar, and improve fluency. Moreover, I have taught the English Language to MA & PhD holders, Students, and Candidates at the (Language Center-Salahaddin University) for more than (7) years so that they can get (Scientific Title) , and equalize their equalifications later. In addition, I have delivered lectures at General Education Department at Cihan University, Besides that, I have participated in many seminars, workshops as well as local and international conferences regarding teaching the English language in various places. Eventually, I have taught many different subjects at Salahaddin University, College of Education-Erbil, College of Education-Shaqlawa, and College of Basic Education-Erbil.

            I always try to immerse myself in other extracurricular activities like community and volunteer work, since these make me more than pleased. I really attempt to create a positive, pleasant, and conducive environment for teaching, where students can learn happily inside and outside the classroom. 

            My interest in educating adult students has supported me to be a responsible, sensitive, and friendly lecturer ever since I started my teaching career. It is often a wonder to see how college students like to learn and are curious about the world around them. My interaction with the students at the (College of Arts-Salahaddin University- Erbil) campus on a daily basis has given me the valuable and unique opportunity to view them as “great individuals” in their own rights because of their uninhibited personal characteristics.