My Name is Muslim R. Arab, I have Bsc in Soil and Water Science (Salahaddin University. 2006), Msc. in Plant nutrition and Fertility (Salahaddin University. 2011) I have Ph. D.  in soil chemistry (Salahaddin University. 2020) now I'm lecturer in agriculture engineering science soil and water dept. in salahaddin university-Erbil. He published research articles from Local and International Journals mostly around Soil Chemistry and Plant nutrition . He has 10 years teaching experience for different soil subjects.


Name                 Dr. Muslim Rasul Arab Khoshnaw

Address                setaqan. – Erbil – Kurdistan region, Iraq

Telephone             07504538564

Nationality            Iraqi /Kurd

Date of birth         1 July 1979

Marital status         Married




2002-2006        Bachelor in Science (B.Sc.) Agriculture College, Soil and Water

                           Dept. University of Salahaddin –Erbil/Iraq.


2008-2010     Master of Science (M.Sc.) (plant nutrition and Fertility)

                            University of Salahaddin –Erbil/Iraq.

2016     (PhD student) (Soil Chemistry) College of

                          Agriculture, soil and water Dept. University of salahaddin, Erbil


Current Post:

Lecturer at Soil and Water Dept., college  of Agriculture, University of Salahaddin –Erbil/Iraq.



Name of language     Comprehension              Writing           Speaking

Kurdish                           Excellent                       Excellent        Excellent

English                           Good                              Good                 Good

Arabic                             Good                              Good                 Good


Training Courses


·        Teaching Methods Course (9th Class) 15/1/2011-2/3/2011 in Continuous Education- University of Salah al-din-Erbil.

·        MS Excel and Power Point 2010 Nov 13-24, 2011 in Centre for Information & Communication Technology- University of Salah al-din-Erbil

·        Intensive English Programme at Salahaddin University-Erbil English language centre held from 1-may to 29 August 2015.

·        Intensive English Programme at ELIT Language centre held from 1-Nov to 31 March 2017.


Skills          Computer literate: familiar with a number of Microsoft office

                  programs, Minitab software for statistical analysis, Mendeley

                  Referencing Programmer


Experience and technical skills

Soil chemistry

Soil fertility

Plant nutrition

Forest chemistry


Environmental pollution

Heavy metals


Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS)

Lab work (5 years)

Interests     Research, teaching, reading, swimming, gym, watching movies, listening to music.