I have been teaching at university of Salahaddin-College of Languages-English department for 7 years. I have also translated thousands of articles, documents and written papers. I have published 8 researches in the international academic journals nationally and internationally. Teaching the following subjects at Salahaddin University College of Languages- English Department:

A.   Morphology

B.   Conversation

C.   Grammar

D.   Vocabulary

E.   Comprehension

F.    Composition

G.   Translation


Being the English Department Coordinator to do the followings:

H.   Arranging the department’s timetable.

I.     Being the head of the department whenever the head is not present.

J.     Supervising the three employees of the department.

K.   Arranging the department’s meetings.

L.   Cooperating with the department’s scientific committee.

Managing all the other issues of the department.


I have also taught these courses At Language and Translation Centre:


-       Elementary (3) times

-       Pre-intermediate (4) times