I was born in Erbil, Kurdistan Region-Iraq, in 1983. I received a B.Sc. degree (First Class) in Physics from Salahaddin University-Erbil, in 2005, an M.Sc. degree (First Class) in Laser Optics from Salahaddin University-Erbil, in 2010, and completed the Ph.D. Course in Communications from the University of Salahaddin, College of Science, in 2016. In my M.Sc. research Parametric Study of the Spherically Symmetric Cavity Laser Resonator, I became an assistant physicist in the physics department, where I worked in Electronics Lab., General Physics Lab., Properties of Matter Lab., Nuclear Physics Lab., Illustration Lab., Advanced Electricity and Magmatism Lab., Electricity and Magmatism Lab and Computer Skills Lab., Modern Lab., Properties of Matter, Advanced Electricity and Magnetism, Computer Skills, Laser Physics, General Mathematics, and Electronics. Shortly after I joined the physics department, I started my master's and then became the decider of the department. Now, I am a lecturer in the physics department and have been teaching Electronics, and Electricity and Magnetism Lab.