My name is Mr. Yassen Muhammad Awla, working as an assistant lecturer at the department of English and Linguistics at University of Salahaddin Iraq.

I obtained my four year Bachelor degree in the field of English language teaching and Literature including American and world literature with the grade of good (76.5) from Salahaddin University, Iraq in 2009. Within the course of my BA study, I learnt different subjects such as Phonetics, syntax, teaching and learning methods and approaches, literary genres….etc. My ranking was 2nd in a class of 30 students. This accomplishment led me to be employed as a research assistant in the same department the same year after my graduation on 18/3/2009.  Amongst the subjects I studied (both in my undergraduate and during my lab assistant), I found teaching Englishh the most interesting one  and then I decided to do my Master's degree in the field of Applied Linguistics and TESOL in the UK at the University of Liverpool in 2013. I was awarded a full funded scholarship for that by the ministry of higher education and scientific research of Kurdistan-Iraq in 2012. For my Research project, I worked on how the language is used in the political discourse from both critical discourse analysis and conceptual perspective. During my Research project and M.A study, I was acquainted with all the basic techniques, approaches, theories, principles and issues of teaching English as a second language teaching and learning. I am pleased to state here that I am now a university teaching staff member at the same department where I employed before (after taking a teaching methodology course) and giving practical lectures in teaching both academic and general English to miscellaneous kinds of students and levels from Elementary to Advanced.